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Watch strap selection

The shop's watch strap selection is all about the perfect match, fit and finish for a great price! Watches sold are fitted with the most basic but also the most appropriate strap from the collection below. However, watches on sale are depicted with expensive crocodile straps to show their worth. These are not for sale, fortunately the shop will have high quality hand made Lizard straps on offer soon. 

It is up to you however to either accept the shop's selected strap or pick another.

Watch strap buying guide

Do not let "short" strap length deter you from buying, just as you would when buying a tailor made suit, it is always about the correct fit and finish. 

Regular straps at 115/75 or longer really have a rather obnoxious "pig tail" sticking out for the average sized wrist of 180mm around - and it is supposed to be only just about one centimeter or less outside the keepers. This is evidenced by the simple fact that on the last hole the strap will not show the aforementioned pig tail. 

Even with a "vintage lug to lug" of around 410mm any watchband 105/70mm would already fit a wrist size of 21,5cm/8,46 inch around. A wrist size of 180mm around would even leave two holes free.