About us

Collecting watches and other objects from times gone by has always been a difficult and lonely path to follow. Even more so today, with ubiquitous internet that can fuel instant desire and instant deception by the lure of a great presentation or story.

Watchiwant.com of course is a testament to that, as VintageseikoNL is the remedy. The aim is to temper any collector's ambitions with some realism and patience. Vintage collectibles can be a money pit, or very rewarding when bought through a supportive community or store. Please read our terms of sale, for PayPal commercial transactions has once again changed it user policy to now make all fees incurred by your transaction non refundable to us. It is recommended that you use PayPal friends as European law is strict about terms of sale - and we are too.

Mission statement - Vintage and any other seiko watches, when available, are offered for sale - most are researched thoroughly so read all about it right here in the shop. You may also sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay informed about great watches incoming.

All our watches are fully functional as vintage (see disclaimer) unless otherwise stated - we aim to please and deliver the quality as advertised. We keep our watches listed after they have been sold to provide history, transparency and accountability.

Payments - Payments can be made using Paypal.me or PayPal, by using the link provided in a PDF or the online shopping basket. Bank transfer is possible too. We adhere to Paypal's terms of use.

Shipping - Next day shipping (working days) - tracked, registered and insured. We know you are impatient, so make sure to be home because you will need to sign for delivery. Shipping fees are calculated using the shopping basket (Eurozone 20 euro, worldwide 35 euro). We baby our watches so don't worry about packaging and condition.

Reserving a watch - For (returning) customers who trust Vintageseiko.nl and/or know me from impeccable past dealings. Your payment will be put in escrow and payed back upon demand - no questions asked! Payment will also be refunded if and when the watch needs more work than estimated and current pricing is no longer feasible. It will remain however in the Expected watches section for you to renew your reservation if you so desire.

Sales will be final once the watch is shipped to you, under terms of sale.