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Wrist and watch size

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When it comes to choosing your watch, size does matter. But different factors have to be taken into account, they will be addressed below. The gallery charts are also shown below, for you to click for fullscreen view.

Wrist type

Is your wrist flat or round? It will matter as the lugs could protrude more on your rounded wrist, or less.. it depends on the size. But looking at the chart below you see a medium rounded (normal) wrist - like the watch pads in your watchbox. The shape of your wrist can be a determining factor as it reflects your life style. Pro-athletes have different wrists due to necessary physical characteristics they have trained for. Then again very big watches are the norm when they are tools (aviation, diving, racing), quite small when they are high society.

* Wear a watch to the occasion - big when doing sports, small when playing chess - or
   Wear damn well what you like!

Watch case type

Some watches do not have lugs as most would define them. They are called cushion case or have hooded lugs, it simply means all or most of it is tucked inside where the bracelet or strap is attached. Browse around in the webshop, you will see examples.

* Small wrist sizes can wear a relatively big cushion case - or
   Big wrist sizes can wear a relatively small cushion case

Watch case curvature 

Lug to lug is not always a determining factor, the watches seen below take that into account, but you have to look for it. Due to the curve the lugs may make the watch seem smaller that it really is (i.e. "short lugs"), just like the lugs on a small watch can make it larger (i.e. "long lugs"). It also depends on the lug to watch case ratio. Below you see three examples of that, the middle watches wear dramatically larger because of that ratio - the case extends into the lugs.

* Small wrist sizes look better with strongly curved short lugs or no lugs at all (cushion case) - or
   Big wrist sizes look better with straight long lugs or no lugs at all (big cushion case)

Bracelet or strap?

It makes a huge difference, some watch designers let the bracelet make the watch larger because the downward slope around the wrist begins far outside the watch case. Leather will always go straight around and will always shorten the perceived watch case size. Then again, a heavily padded strap will also extend the perceived size, but at least you can choose.

* Small wrist sizes should wear a largish watch small with thin and flat strap - or
   Big wrist sizes should wear a smallish watch large with a padded strap

Below, the first watch measures 35x40mm, then two have 36x42mm and on bracelet a 38x42mm. After that it is a 39x47mm alpinist. Now, consider the wrist size of 5,2cm flat frontal and 17,5cm around, for all other watches are for you to estimate..