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The watch on sale here with its original bracelet, an 0702-7070 was among the first series of the Elnix, it came out of the Seiko factory in 1974, interestingly this Elnix is vanishingly rare as it was just produced from 1973 until 1975. To make it even more special is the fact that it is equiped with a original bracelet extender with a built in spring. The bracelet itself already measures an easy 19,5 cm around. With the extender however you get an extra centimeter, but more importantly, because of the spring it will always fit - stretching when necessary. Finally notice the special endlinks... they follow the case design meticulously.
So, this is a great combination, with just that touch of added color with the applied gold colour Elnix logo on the dial spiraling upward arrow-style (symbolizing electricity). Underneath the nostalgic logo is the historic symbol of the Daini divsion. The watch is equipped with date function, it also has a smooth sweeping second hand (!) which is a dead give away that it is not a quartz, but to confuse matters, it is also not an automatic...
The fact is, this watch is powered by the 16 Jewels 0703A movement. It has a frequency of 4 Hz and an amplitude of 8 beats per second or 28,800 bph. That puts it in the same league as a chronometer. A 1.55 volt Silver Oxide Battery breaths life into the movement, not a rotor or a hairspring.
These watches still use a balance-wheel and should not be confused with quartz-controlled movements or Bulova's Accutron "tuning fork" technology.
The production period for the Seiko Elnix, as stated, is short lived, until the end of 1975.... as soon after the Quartz would dominate the Japanese watch industry. But they are an important milestone; and most of these watches still run problem free.

Manufacture: Seiko
Model:             Elnix
Reference:      0702 7070
Movement:     Electric at  Seconds PY
Serial No.:       4Nxxxx
Case:               Tanaka 37x43x12mm without crown
Crystal:            Acrylic, Serial#:
Dial:                  Grey Sunburst
Bracelet:          XBA052 20,5 mm around, bracelet links: flat fork, bracelet extender (!) with spring to 21,5
Lugs & Clasp: 19mm lugs, springbar diameter: 1,8x17mm, clasp diameter: 17mm clasp, clasp pin: 1,0x15mm
Production:     1974
Condition:        Very good: some swirls, easily polished - 8
Service:            Not necessary
Box:                  No
Papers:            No