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Seiko Dolce 9441-5000 (Sold)


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About Details and then some
Manufacture Seiko Dolce
Model reference AEY994 9441-5000
Movement Twin Quartz
Caliber 9441
Dial Gold linen
Case 37x42x11mm Steel coated hard titanium nitride
Lugs 19mm
Bracelet Replacement Leather
Crystal serial # Unknown Sapphire
Timegrapher Accuracy:+20spy
Jewels 9
Serial # 07xxxx Production: 1980-07
Condition Mint
Service New battery 2023-08
Box & Papers No box No papers
Video Click here (Vid is before battery had been replaced) 

Seiko’s Dolce & Exceline at one time were in the same league as the Grand Quartz and were sold at the same price point, in this case, just like the Grand Quartz diamond dust, at 100.000 yen. It was meant to be a luxury dress watch featuring high quality and dignity (i.e. Graceful & Excellent). Therefore an orthodox design was chosen - even though sometimes so very Japanese - that could be used for a long time. High quality cases were the norm, such as 18-karat gold, carbide, thick gold-plated, platinum-plated and/or a combination of it all. The movement included GS - or in the beginning of the production in 1981 - Grand/King Quartz high precision calibers measured in yearly differences.

A high quality band is used for both metal and leather, sapphire glass as a matter of course. The product line was targeted at men and women with a focus on mature adults with purchasing power.