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Seiko Chronos Alarm 5C23-600A (Sold)


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Almost nothing is known about this Seiko Quartz alarm - a quick comparison with the analog Bell-Matic is clear, but the quartz movement of this particular watch can have nothing to do with its old-school counterpart.
However, this watch is surprisingly simple, it has a pointer to set the alarm in steps of 5 minutes. You have to pull out the crown on the second click, the small hole on the dial will show red, which means that the alarm can be set. Turn the crown to the correct time and push it back to the first click and you're done - but on a black dial the hole remains red.
Most alarm clocks from the eighties always have "tone" because the battery controls the alarm. By the way, the battery life was so much improved that customers did not find it a problem to replace the battery every few years. Even if the clock is two seconds ahead to indicate that "the battery needs to be replaced", it has another six months to go.
Manufacture: Seiko
Model:             Chronos
Reference:      5C23 600A
Movement:     Quartz at 15 spm Seconds PM
Battery:           SR721SW (battery)
Serial No.:       50xxxx
Case:               35x38x09mm without crown
Dial:                  Black
Bracelet:          GA28B 185 mm around
Production:     1985