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Seiko 6M25-6000 "Dancing Hands" Gold bezel (Sold)


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Manufacture Seiko
Model Quartz Chronograph
Reference 6M26 6000
Movement Quartz
Serial No. 13XXXX
Case SS, Classic design 40x43x11mm
Crystal Sapphire
Dial Blue Sunburst
Bracelet B1787I 19cm around
Lugs 20mm
Production 1991-03
Condition Excellent
Service Not necessary
Box No
Papers No
Retail then 805 euro

The Seiko 6M25-6000 Sports 150 Dancing Hands claims to be the world's 1st perpetual calendar. This flashy sports watch was marketed by Seiko as “Olympic", the “Intelligent quartz” or the “Intelligent calendar", sporting no less than 7 features. It required a hefty manual for the tech geek to get to know his watch!

For starters, with this crazily complicated quartz, all three hands are independently movable back and forth (so don’t worry) and when in Time mode for instance - on the sub dial the indicator should bracket “Time” - the demo mode can be activated by depressing both pushers for 2 seconds to start the spectacular "dancing hands”. All three hands are independently moved all over the dial and this mode stops after 2 min to save the battery or when the 10 o’clock pusher is depressed. Other functions of this magnificently precise chronograph are a 1/10 sec. chronograph, an alarm, a countdown timer, a pointer calendar - all operated through rotating the crown (no need to pull it out) and the two pushers.

Caliber 6M25 is from 1988 and it comes in several sporty designs, black (-6040), all gold (-7020,) two-tone (-6000), simple steel grey (-6040) and white (-6050). The two-tones are with dark blue dial (-6000), blue dial/red accents (-6039), just blue (-6040) and the white dial Olympic (-6050). There is also an all gold plated watch with sea-green dial/red accents, with all gold sub-dial (-6069). Accents on the dial can be in gold or red for the sub-dial indicator - known by collectors as the "Yankee" - and applied indices with white lumen. Finally some, like this watch, have the indication Sports 150 on the dial, indicating that the bezel can rotate unidirectionally.

The complications of this watch as mentioned are displayed on the sub dial at 6 o clock, activated by turning the crown - clockwise or counter clockwise. In random order you can do the following:

In Time mode: show regular time, the minutes can be set when the crown is pulled and the 10 o’clock pusher is depressed, the seconds hand automatically hacks to zero so this can be set precisely. The 8 o’clock pusher is used to set the hours.

In Chrono mode: turn the crown counter clockwise and all three hands set to zero (if not read Reset chrono after battery change), when started by the 10 o’clock pusher, the seconds hand "sweeps" back and forth between 12 and 1 o clock, showing 1/10 second intervals as displayed on the dial, hour and minute hand indicate seconds and minutes.

In Month/date mode: all three hands point the month of the year, shown on edge of dial. This may seem silly but in fact it is essential for the perpetual calender which will accurately keep track of say the month of February. Finally, in Timer mode the hands can be set to countdown to zero.

Complications that are less used and often forgotten are the Set alarm mode, the hands can be set to the alarm time and when the Yankee is on the Alarm on mode the alarm is active, to be deactivated by any of the pusher buttons.