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Omega Seamaster 1400- 2514.50 - full set


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About Details and then some
Manufacture Omega Seamaster
Model reference 2514.50 1400
Movement MechaQuartz Battery: MT920 panasonic
Caliber 1400
Dial Black Guilloché
Case 37x43x10mm Steel
Lugs 18mm
Bracelet 1501/823 18cm
Crystal serial # Unknown Sapphire
Timegrapher Accuracy:+0,3spd
Jewels 9
Serial # xxxxxx Production: 1997-2000
Condition Mint All new OEM movement inside!
Service Full service All new OEM movement inside
Box & Papers Box Papers

In the world of watches, the Seamaster dive watch holds a special place. Its appeal goes beyond collectors and attracts those who simply appreciate a beautiful timepiece. However, what makes certain models of the Seamaster truly captivating to all chronometer enthusiasts is the fact that they are chronometers and/or kinetic. These particular Omegas stand out among collectors who value precision.

During the era when the Seamaster Omegamatics were produced (from 1997 to 2000), Omega was a true manufacture, crafting their movements in-house. This distinction added to the allure of these watches. Although there was a brief period when Omega used short ETA based movements, which were still excellent but lacked the prestige of in-house production.

Now, let's focus on the Seamaster Omegamatics themselves. Produced in limited quantities, these watches are far from ordinary Seamasters. The cal. 1400 version, in particular, is exceptionally rare compared to other model editions, despite sharing the same base. Omega made extensive modifications to the ETA 250.111 autoquartz movement to create this unique timepiece.

Within the Seamaster Omegamatic range, variations are apparent. The design of the hands and markers stands out, especially when it comes to luminescence. The second hand can be either red or orange, while the other hands usually feature a sword-style design.

Measuring 37x43x10mm, this Seamaster exudes understated elegance and is often overlooked, as is often the case with dressy watches. However, it's worth mentioning the 18K gold Omega medallion embedded in the clasp, adding a touch of luxury. In my opinion, Omega strategically utilized this detail to cater to those who preferred flashier models. But when considering value, other factors come into play.

These Seamaster Omegamatics were not only great for everyday wear but were also treated with exceptional care due to their higher purchase value, which was on par with a standard Seamaster. The kinetic chronometer models, in particular, hold a special place as they represent the pinnacle of dressy dive watches within the Seamaster range.

In summary, the Seamaster Omegamatics of the late 1990s and early 2000s offer a unique combination of rarity, craftsmanship, and technological advancements. They embody the essence of Omega's commitment to precision and style, making them highly sought after by collectors and watch enthusiasts alike.