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The Silver Russian Polit Buro vintage Luch is the quintessential classic bubble watch with a curved sunburst dial and gold applied markers. Interestingly, the hands are not curved, but then, they are short enough (wisely) not to have to bother. Also the markers, which are applied and handpainted, do curve around the dial (!) In quite an extraordinary way each and every marker features two brush strokes right up against each other, thus creating the gold glittering relief.

From behind the Iron Curtain this is one of the earliest and relatively unknown Luch hand wound calibers 2209, with the original styled logo - the curved dial of course places it in the sixties. Specifically, this watch was made in the first Luch factory. From 1955 watches were produced in Minsk, including the brands Luch, Zarya and Vympel. Famous wearers include Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko, and Mikhail Suslov. Since 2010 the Minsk Watch Plant is owned by the Swiss company Franck Muller.

This ultra slim is so slim by the way that the case is clear from the surface below it by at least 5 mm!

The gold capped gold sunburst from the early seventies is also fitted with caliber 2209, it is in pristine condition.

The modern one-hander is a great alternative to the Meistersinger watches, and at a fraction of the price! To me it is even more true to form... basic and legible.


Buy separately?
One hander: 100,-
Gold sunburst: 150
Silver sunburst: 200

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